Order gerbers are carefully checked for pricing and delivery time by sales representatives and inquiries are replied within only maximum of 3 hours.

Pre-production Engineering

Order gerbers are processed with Genesis 2000 software by experienced technicians.

Multilayer Bonding

Inner layer artwork is applied, etched, checked and then bonded with hot press according to customer stack-up requirements.

CNC Drilling and Milling

Panels are drilled by Schmoll laser drill bit checking CNC stations.

PTH (Plated Through Hole)

Panels are initially copper plated with electroless plating line upto 1,5um and then electroltic copper plated at minimum of 20 um in holes.

Clean Room

Panels are laminated with high quality dry film and exposed in clean room.

Solder Mask

Panels are visually inspected, surface cleaned and then soldermask printed according to customers required soldermask colour.

Surface Finishing

We have nearly all surface finishing options such as 63/37 HASL, Lead-free HASL, OSP (organic solderability preservative), roller tinning, ENIG (electroless nickel / immertion gold), Immertion silver.

Screen Printing

UV etch resist, UV solder mask and legend print, conductive carbon print and peelable solder masks are screen printed with semi-automatic screen printing machines.


Pcbs are routed and V-scored by precise routing machines within the tolerance of +- 0,15 mm unless is specified in customer technical drawings.

Electrical Test

All double side, multilayer and some single side pcbs are 100% electrically tested with Luther&Maelzer universal testing machines.

Final Inspection

Pcbs are inspected accotrding to IPC-A-600 Class II criterias unless is specifies.


Chemical analysis are carried out periodically by experienced chemists to sustain the plating baths and wet process machines chemical stability.

Waste Treatment

Production waste water is treated and then disposed.