Machine Park

Machine Park

Odak PCB aims continuous development and it has become the market leader in the industry by making new investments for its machinery park in 2006. As a result, the manufacture of multilayer circuit boards' has begun.
Process Machines

Frontline 2000 CAM software

Crescent 30 and 40 laser plotters


Lauffer hot and cold press

Schmoll X-ray controlled reference hole drilling

F.S.L black oxide machine

CNC Drilling, Routing and V-cut

Schmoll drilling machines

Schmoll, Lenz routing machines

LHMT v-cut machines

Copper plating F.S.L direct metalization and electrolytic plating lines

Saturn, Svecia and Thieme printing machines

Svecia, Feket Uv ovens

Lenz optical pilot hole drilling machine

Wet processing

Höllmüller, Schmid ve Pola e Massa surface treatment machines

Höllmüller and Schmid acid etching machines

Höllmüller and Schmid develope lines

Surface treatment

Lantronic HASL machine

Höllmüller pre-post cleaning lines

Höllmüller OSP line

Photo processing

ORC and DuPont exposure machines

DuPont and F.S.L dry-film lamination machines

Mass and Heraeus pre-post curing ovens

Punching and punching tool production

Punching machines (40 ton to 250 tons)

Wire cutting, lathes, universal milling machines, planer and precise drilling machines


Luther & Maelzer universal grid test machines

Mania ve Luther & Maelzer flying probe test machines