About Odak PCB

Odak PCB is dealing with over 1000 domestic and foreign customers since 1983, resettled in Esenyurt factory in 1997 and continues PCB production under the same roof since then.

High quality product, selective service and reasonable proce mentality is followed by Odak's qualified team of 150 employees with 10 engineers, 30 technicians on 4000m2 indoor production area giving an output of 150.000m2 production yearly.

Our improving product quality is confirmed by ISO 9001:2000, UL (Underwriters Laboratories, File No: E301197) Quality Certifications and ROHS Standardization in 2003.

We are focused on covering all types of customer demands by producing low to high volume orders for wide range product types such as;

  • Single layer (punching and CNC production)
  • 2-layers and mulilayers (upto 20 layers)
  • Fast-turn production (upto 6 layers)
  • IMS pcbs (Aluminum or copper core pcbs)
  • Heavy copper pcbs (3 oz. to 8 oz.)
  • PTFE (Teflon) and Ceramic based pcbs
  • Flexible and rigi-flex pcbs
  • Extreme long pcbs (100cm or more)